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Kicking off The WOD Life Podcast with long time friend and CrossFit Games Athlete, Jessica Coughlan.Live from an Athlete Training Camp in Bali, Co-Founders and Hosts Ben Dineen and Andy Lee talk with Jess about her introduction to CrossFit, daily life and how she juggles training, competing and business.
An Australian Legend in CrossFit, we are excited to talk with Brandon Swan. A father, husband and athlete, Brandon is a great character in the sport and live from an Athlete Training Camp in Bali he with us his story, career highlights and which athlete he'd spend on a deserted island.
The WOD Life Podcast welcomes Harriet Roberts. Originally from New Zealand, but residing in Sydney, Australia Harriet is a multi-time CrossFit Games competitor. Co-Hosts Ben Dineen and Andy Lee catch up with Harriet learning about her background, how she started CrossFit and her accomplishments to date. Who would she want to spend time with on a deserted island? Find out!
The WOD Life Podcast welcomes long time friend and athlete Khan Porter. One of Australia's most recognisable Athletes, for his personality, approach to training, competitive spirit and multiple time CrossFit Games appearances. Co-Hosts Ben Dineen and Andy Lee catch up with Khan, learn what people mistakenly call Khan, his studies, background, vibe around training and journey in CrossFit.
One of our favourite podcasts to date, Ben and Andy from The WOD Life catch up with Dave Driskell (@davedriskell) from CrossFit Wanderlust. Dave share's his amazing story about his journey from working a handful of jobs, to selling all of his belongings to buy a one way ticket to the other side of the world. Dave unplugged from his life in the USA to craft a life around what he loves and his lifestyle. An amazing message about passion, if you don't love the path you're on, then change your path. It's an inspiring story to get you motivated about finding the happiness you deserve. Do yourself a favour and listen to this episode of The WOD Life Podcast, then book your flight to Bali to go workout with Dave in the Bali sun.