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Armortech - Womens RX Package

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The WOD Life - Womens RX Package includes:

  • 170kg Womens Power Bar and Crumb Bumper Set
  • Armortech Wooden Plyo Box
  • Hex Dumbbells 15kg Pair
  • Armortech V2 16kg Kettlebell
  • Armortech Climbing Rope 7m
  • Armortech Wooden Gym Rings
  • Armortech V2 Wall Ball 14lb
  • Armortech Quick Lock Collars
  • Armortech Ab Mat

170kg Womens Power Bar and Crumb Bumper Set

Armortech Wooden Plyo Box

Build explosive power and your conditioning with the 3 in 1 Wooden Plyo Box.

In an easy to assemble flat-pack box to save you money on shipping, this plyo box is built to last.

A versatile design offering three different heights for your next workout. 

Construction is easy. All parts and fixings included. We recommend using a power drill and wood glue.


  • Solid wood precision construction with reinforcing centrepiece
  • Easily assembled with a flat pack box. Includes all parts, fixings and easy to follow instructions to get you working out in minutes
  • Flip and rotate the box for one of three desired height options (50, 60, 75cm - 20", 24" or 30")


  • Stable platform to help build explosive power and increase your athletic performance
  • Clever design allowing three heights and more options for your workout
  • Suitable for both commercial or home gyms


Hex Dumbbells 15kg Pair

The Armortech Hex Dumbbells are sold as singles and range from 1Kg to 30Kg.

Dumbbells are an original piece of gym equipment and these heavy duty dumbbells will stand the test of time.

A necessity for every gym whether you own your own space or just setting up a garage gym at home.

Working out with Dumbbells will expose weaknesses and ensure you are working both sides of your body evenly.


  • Heavy Duty - Built to take a pounding
  • Rubber - minimise floor damage and minimises wear and tear on dumbbells


  • Heavy duty rubber encased head
  • Head to handle forged construction
  • Designed for gym & home use


  • A-Rated - Designed to last
  • Ergonomic chrome plated handles
  • Rubber head embossed - in kg's

Armortech V2 16kg Kettlebell

A wonderful asset to any serious exercise program, the Armortech V2 colour coated Handle Kettlebells offer outstanding value for money.

Boasting a wide range of weights including 6kg, 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 16kg, 18kg and 20kg this range of kettlebells lets you create a personal strength-training program to help you achieve your fitness goals.

A smooth handle offers a clean grip and reduces the risk of developing blisters or sore hands.

Made from cast iron the bell won’t damage flooring as you set it down. Don’t miss out!


    Armortech Climbing Rope 7m

    The Armortech V2 climbing Rope is 7 metres long with a 38mm (1.5 inch) diameter. 

    The V2 Climbing Rope is sealed on both ends with heat shrink. On one end of the rope is a steel clamp with an eyelet bolted on so the rope can be hung from a rafter  

    Climbing rope exercises have long been a measure of an athlete’s upper body strength and endurance. 

    Being 38mm (1.5 inches) thick, the V2 Climbing Rope is incredibly strong.

    The sisal material is ideal for getting a solid grip and minimising rope burn and slippage.

    The solid steel clamp makes it easy to mount and prevents the rope from fraying. Setup only takes a few seconds.

    Note: It is recommended to have a crash mat underneath the climbing rope for safety reasons! We do not take responsibility for the strength and integrity of the structure the rope is mounted on. Always test and check the strength of the mounting bracket before use. 


    Armortech Wooden Gym Rings

    The Armortech Gym Rings are an effective, and high quality piece of equipment that is suitable for commercial environments and serious trainers.

    With a high density construction, and unique wood grain finish, the Armortech Wooden Gym Rings offer a comfortable and reliable grip during each and every use. 

    High quality, fully adjustable buckle straps are also included with the Rings, allowing you to customise and adjust your Ring workouts accordingly.


    • High quality construction
    • 350-400 kg max load (tested)
    • Inner Ring Diameter: 17.5cm
    • External Ring Diameter: 23.5cm
    • Ring Diameter: 10cm


    Armortech V2 Wall Ball 14lb

    The Armortech V2 heavy duty wall balls are manufactured with super durable 1000D PVC and are perfect for cross training, wall throws, squat presses and general core exercises.

    The soft nature of the Armortech wall balls makes them far safer and easier to catch and control rather than smaller rubber balls, as they are excellent for wall throws, press tosses, squats and core training.

    • 14lb - 6.3kg

    Armortech Quick Lock Collars

    Olympic quick release lock jaw collars are great for securing Olympic plates, saving time by sliding on and off bars quickly. The rubber grip holds collars in place, a must have for Olympic bars.


    • Easy to use with just one hand
    • Fits any Olympic sized barbell sleeves
    • Allows super quick weight change overs
    • Strong, safe and durable

    Armortech Ab Mat

    The Armortech Ab Mat is used to fill the space between the floor and the lumbar arch, it supports the spine and allows activation of the lower abdominals during situps. Without the Ab Mat your training will add extra stress on the spine and result in an incomplete movement.

    With this in mind – it is best to use the Ab Mat for every floor based Ab exercise.

    Size: 36cm X 30cm

    Shipping Dimensions:

    L x W x H : 200 x 100 x 60 cm 

    Cubic Shipping Weight: 

    300 kg



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