TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 - LINEAR
TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 - LINEAR
TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 - LINEAR
TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 - LINEAR
TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 - LINEAR
Gear - TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 - LINEAR
Gear - TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 - LINEAR

TWL - WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 - LINEAR

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Conquer Your Lifts, Unleash Your Power: The TWL WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0

Stop pain, unlock gains. Sold in pairs, the third-generation TWL WOD Wrist Wraps are your ultimate weapon for conquering heavy weights and intense workouts.

Experience the difference:

  • Unwavering Wrist Support: 2" wide, extra-strength velcro secures your wrists firmly, locking in stability for every lift. No more worrying about wrist pain or discomfort holding you back.
  • Effortless Comfort: The soft, yet durable material provides exceptional comfort, even during grueling sessions. Say goodbye to scratching and discomfort from stiff or cheaply made wrist wraps.
  • One-Size Fits All Freedom: The 45cm wraps fit any athlete, eliminating sizing hassles. Focus on your workout, not fiddling with adjustments.
  • Flat Thumb Loop, Maximum Security: Our unique thumb loop ensures a snug, comfortable fit, preventing the wraps from slipping or twisting mid-lift.
  • Convenience Built-In: The included zip bag keeps your wraps clean and organized.

More than just wrist wraps, it's an investment in your lifting potential. Order your TWL WOD Wrist Wraps 3.0 today and dominate your workouts!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 240 reviews
    Great lifting addition!

    Had issues with my wrists feeling unstable during heavy lifts! Now I’ve got more confidence and wrists feel very protected

    They helped

    I have bad wrists and usually find myself doing pushups on a fist or switching to dumbbells instead of a bar during lifting movements. I used the wrist wraps and although they don't completely alleviate the pain, they have allowed me to finish a whole class of push jerks and clean and jerks. I would recommend them for anyone with bad wrists.

    Great Support

    These wrist supports have come in great to help with that extra support for myself.

    Elvis B.
    Great product

    Very happy with the quality and the look of the product. Matched the description. Comfortable.

    Dean P.

    Thin enough to be comfortable but very supportive

    Alex S.
    Should’ve bought these sooner!

    These wraps have provided the support I needed for a long time - I wish I had bought these sooner. They’ve done me well that I even bought some of my family members a pair!