Hand Grips & Protection

Elevate Your Performance with Gym Hand Grips Protection

Training hard and pushing your limits is part of the game when it comes to fitness. But you don't have to sacrifice your hands in the process. ...

With The WOD Life's collection of hand grips protection, you can push harder, lift heavier and train longer without worrying about calluses or hand injuries. Browse our range to elevate your workout today. 

Why Do You Need Training Grips? 

Hand grips are not just a luxury; they're a necessity for any serious fitness enthusiast or athlete. Here's why: 

  • Hand Protection: They provide a protective layer between your hands and the barbell, preventing painful calluses and skin tears.
  • Enhanced Grip: Gym handle grips enhance your grip on the barbell, reducing the chances of slipping and providing greater control during lifts.
  • Comfort: High-quality hand grips, like those from The WOD Life, are comfortable to wear, allowing you to focus on your workout rather than discomfort in your hands. 


Our Stellar Range of Gym Handle Grips for Sale 

Whether you're a beginner just starting your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete looking for the best hand grips, we've got you covered with our range of options: 

  • Beginner Bundles: Just starting out? Our beginner bundles include everything you need for hand protection, including fingerless grips and callus blade kits.
  • Power Finger Tape and Lamb Finger Tape Bundle: Ideal for those looking to protect their fingers during intense workouts. This bundle provides excellent support and protection without hindering movement.
  • Karbon Grips 3.0 – No Fingers: For those who prefer a more natural feel while lifting, our no-finger Karbon Grips offer optimum protection and maximum comfort.
  • Leather Gymnastic Grips: Our leather gymnastic grips are perfect for gymnastics training or CrossFit workouts. They're durable, comfortable, and offer excellent grip on the bar.
  • Tactical Grip: Designed for the toughest workouts, our tactical grip offers superior grip and durability. It's the secret weapon you need for those heavy-lifting sessions. 

Lifting Hand Grips – A Game Changer 

Lifting hand grips are specifically designed to support your grip during weightlifting exercises. They significantly reduce the strain on your hands, allowing you to lift heavier weights for longer periods. Our range includes weightlifting hooks, hand grip power gainers, and quad carbon hand grips. 

Train Like a Pro with Gymnastics Grips in Australia 

Designed specifically for gymnastic exercises, these grips provide excellent hand protection, allowing you to train harder and longer. Choose from our three-finger grips, no-hole speed grips, and more. 

Hand Care Kits – Because Your Hands Deserve the Best 

Don't forget to take care of your hands post-workout. Our hand care kits include everything you need to soothe and repair your hands after a tough session. 

At The WOD Life, we believe in helping you achieve your fitness goals without compromising on comfort and safety. Check out our range of gym hand grips and hand protection gear today, and take your workouts to the next level. 

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