R.A.D Shoes: An Absolute Game-Changer in CrossFitⓇ

Step up your fitness routine with R.A.D shoes, available now at The WOD Life. Exclusively designed to offer optimal support and comfort, our R.A.D collection is a game-changer for gym enthusiasts.

R.A.D, which stands for Rally Against Destruction, is not your average shoe brand. It's an independent company co-founded by a competitive CrossFitⓇ athlete and a seasoned athletic shoe designer. Their mission? To create high-quality training shoes that are both functional and fashionable.

Browse our range today to level up your CrossFitⓇ game.

Redefining Athletic Footwear with R.A.D One Australia 

The standout R.A.D One is the brainchild of Ben Massey, a CrossFitⓇ affiliate owner and 2017 Games team competition athlete. 

Together with his team, he developed the innovative Swell Foam™ midsole for the R.A.D One. This light, springy EVA midsole is partly made from sugarcane (currently 30%), reducing reliance on traditional, fossil-based materials.

Breaking away from conventional designs, the R.A.D One carries a fashion-forward silhouette, free of hard lines or sharp angles. It starts strong with a full-length herringbone traction pattern, a tried-and-true design that grips everything without picking up debris. This pattern wraps slightly up the sidewalls on the medial side and lateral toe, providing excellent traction for side-to-side movements. This feature shines during agility drills or plyometrics, making R.A.D shoes the perfect partner for your rad gym sessions.

R.A.D Australia: Quality Materials Meet Stylish Design 

R.A.D Australia isn’t just about performance. It also uses high-quality synthetic suede and nubuck alongside the typical cross-trainer mesh. This combination elevates the look and feel of the shoe, setting it apart from anything else you’d see in the gym.

These shoes aren’t just functional; they're also stylish. With more of an athleisure look than competitors, R.A.D One shoes boast a minimalistic design with a small logo on the heel, making them perfect for both gym workouts and casual outings. 

Take a look through our range today and get ready to transform your workout routine.

Why Choose R.A.D Australia?

  • Stable for lifting: Get the support you need during intense weightlifting sessions.
  • Cushioned for short runs: The innovative Swell Foam™ midsole provides comfort and bounce.
  • Notable grip: The herringbone traction pattern ensures excellent grip for all types of workouts.
  • True to size: With a fit that matches your standard shoe size, finding the perfect pair is easy.

Get ready to take your fitness performance to the next level with R.A.D shoes from The WOD Life. Shop now and experience the difference. Shipping is available in Australia and internationally. 

For more information on any of the products in our range, get in touch and contact us today. Our friendly team is always here to answer your questions and offer advice. 

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